With the Halloween holiday well and truly under way, people across the world are dressing up as somebody they’re not as an excuse to engage in some naughty shenanigans.

But Halloween has got us thinking that maybe we don’t get dressed up enough, and as for naughty shenanigans, well, what’s that they say about too much of a good thing?

In the same way that Easter isn’t the only time of year we stuff ourselves full of chocolate, Halloween doesn’t have to be the only time we get dressed up and put on a show, as the possibilities for role play are limited only by your imagination.

Teacher and Pupil

A role-playing classic that allows for a bit of versatility as it gives you both the opportunity to switch roles. Think uptight, super-strict headmistress finally teaches the disobedient student a lesson they won’t forget, or doe-eyed college student falls hopelessly in lust with their Biology professor.

This one is also a good time for a little beginner’s bondage, as corporal punishment definitely isn’t frowned upon at the University of Picobong.

Man in Uniform

For fear of emasculation this one works best with the man in the uniform rescuing a damsel in distress from one perilous predicament or another.

It’s no secret that we notoriously go weak at the knees at the sight of a man in uniform, so whether it’s a fireman who’s come to rescue a stranded kitty, a policeman objecting to a noise disturbance or a soldier returning for some exceptionally quick leave time, this is sure to get men everywhere standing to attention.

Home Delivery

Maybe the gas man needs to come and read the meter of some unsuspecting housewife, or the pizza delivery boy is trialing the latest batch of his special hot topping in the neighborhood.

This is another one that for one reason or another works best with a man paying the woman a visit, though we doubt the guys will have too much trouble fantasizing about the UPS girl delivering him her special package.

The ‘Stranger’ at the Bar

The stranger at the bar gives you the chance to take your role-playing skills outside the house, as you both take on a whole new persona in an effort to see if the hotty with the martini prefers it shaken or stirred.

For couples in a committed and monogamous relationship, this is an exciting return to the old dating days and if you meet, let’s say, in the bar of a hotel, why not check in to a room upstairs so the two of you can ensure your second first date has a very happy ending?


Actor and Director

One person takes the role of the director or photographer, the other an actor or model as the two of you create your very own play within a play.

Whether it’s a sexy outfit, suggestive poses, a little dirty talk, or maybe even a striptease, you assist each other with the sexiest kind of direction. And what’s even better, you can document your on-set chemistry by taking photos and videos that you can have all kinds of fun looking at together later on.

As we mentioned before, there are of course hundreds of exciting role-playing options to suit every taste, kink and fantasy, and we encourage you to explore as many of them as you desire.

Role-playing – like acting – gives us a lot more flexibility to do and say things we perhaps wouldn’t dare to under normal circumstances, making it the perfect way for you to spice up your sex life by taking it to a new level of exploration.

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