Eco-friendly Sex Toys

I think we can all agree that PicoBong’s a friendly company. However, you may not know that we extend our goodwill far beyond humanity, and one of our very biggest fans happens to be Mother Nature herself.

And as we just can’t wait until Mother’s Day to honor her, we’d thought we’d use Earth Day to bring you the top five ways PicoBong is keeping all of its vibrant vibes green and clean for Mama Blue and Green.

FDA-approved Silicone
Without doubt, silicone is the optimal material for vibrators, not just because its silky-smooth texture, but because its non-porous surface makes it easy to clean and prevents it from harboring dust, lint and surface bacteria. Kicking it up one more notch, PicoBong silicone has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration as being safe for its intended use with no adverse effects to health.

Long-Lasting Quality
Warrantees are proof of long-lasting toys, and long-lasting toys mean less waste and fewer landfills. Unlike a vast majority of sex toys, every single PicoBong vibrator comes with a 1-year comprehensive warranty—proof that it’s made with the high-quality, longest-lasting materials Mother Earth can provide.

Unlike cheaper, corner-cutting sex toys, all PicoBong vibes are phathalate-free. If you’re not familiar with phathalates, they’re (cheap) chemicals added to plastics to increase their durability, and they’re marked by the FDA as a possible human carcinogen. The reason so many low-brow companies get away with using phthalates is that they cleverly mark their products as “novelty toys,” technically not for bodily use.

Reduced Environmental Impact
PicoBong takes part in a global initiative that makes a difference by creating products that have a significantly reduced impact on our natural environment. Spanning all areas of manufacturing, we reduce our material, energy, water and CO2 output, while still churning out a loveable product.

Manufacturing In-House
To properly oversee the entire development process, we manufacture all products in-house. In addition, all PicoBong products are WEEE-compliant to meet collection, recycling, and recovery targets, and each of our manufacturing facilities follows ISO standards of quality management to ensure quality output and increased efficiency.

While every day should be Earth Day, one way to strive toward achieving this goal is choosing PicoBong: a company with a mutual passion for both planet and pleasure.

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