October 11th is National Coming Out Day and to celebrate, we have compiled a list of some of the coming out advice that gets forgotten. If you’ve got your eye on the closet door, check out our list and then bust on through!


Google images of your secret childhood crush and make it your wallpaper. Just FYI there happen to be a TON of pics of Colin Farrell posing like this:colinfarellshirtless


Look to some of the celebs that came out this year for inspiration―both as fellow members of the LGBTQ community taking the same jump but also as now slightly-more-within-reality-objects-of-your-desire:

  • Kristen Stewart
  • Stefanie Beatriz
  • Aubrey Plaza
  • Colton Haynes
  • Reid Ewing

I mean, we are all dream, right?



Work on your smolder. Maybe it’s just on trend right now, but all the folks from the list above all have their smoldering eyes DOWN.


Throw yourself a party! It can feature a surprise announcement and solemn speech or you can write ‘I’m Queer B*tches!’ on the invite; either way, there should be cake and a ceremonial changing of the ‘Looking for’ section of your dating apps.


Acquaint yourself with some of the vocabulary that most definitely means something slightly different in the LGBTQ community than out. Whether you’re a stone butch or high femme, it’s time to work!

Drag Race - Work


Accept that flecks of glitter, in one way or another, will now be ever-present in your household. Embrace this.


Rewatch some of classic movies with your friend and delight in blowing their mind over the now abundantly clear same-sex themes. May we suggest beginning with Point Break (Swayze version, obvs), Fried Green Tomatoes and Grease, because Rizzo+Frenchie=4ever.


Don’t let anyone―including this list―tell you how to come out, or how to be gay/bi/trans/pan/ace/etc.  Just because you might be leaving the hetero-category does not mean that the -normative structures society hold dear won’t be pushed on you.

Whether coming out on #NationalComingOutDay means shaving your head or sending your parents a nonchalant text about the gender of the partner you’re bringing home for Thanksgiving, you do you!


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