April Fools Day

In a relationship, humor can be as important as intimacy—good laughs together as essential as good sex together. And just as pulling off a great Valentine’s Day surprise could boost your romance cred, getting away with a great April Fool’s Day prank could do wonders for your perceived humor and spontaneity.

Of course, there are thousands of pranks out there, spanning the spectrum from squeaky clean to super mean, but which ones will best stump your hunk?

Before you go unscrewing that salt shaker, be sure to read PicoBong’s top April Fool’s pranks for couples.

The Vow of Celibacy
Chances are you’re on a diet, thinking of going on a diet, or have just abandoned your diet, and he’s most likely been at the receiving end of one of your many dietary diatribes. Tell him that this spring, you’re going to take extreme measures to get that beach bod you’ve always wanted, and a major part of your new diet is a 90-day vow of celibacy.

The Stamp of Disapproval
Have your friend apply a henna tattoo, aka fake tattoo, in full ‘tramp stamp’ glory on your lower back. For a few days leading up to April 1, refuse your man’s sexual advances and make up never-before-heard excuses for your rebuffs. On AFD, tell him you’ve been putting off sex because you’re too embarrassed of your new tattoo.

Who Says Three’s a Crowd?
Tell him that you’ve been thinking about getting adventurous and introducing a third party into the bedroom. Add that you’ve arranged for her to come over and meet him, and that, if everyone feels comfortable, a three-way it is! When (notice we didn’t say “if”) he obliges, introduce him to Honi, your foreplay-enhancing bullet vibe. As an added bonus, find out what your boyfriends reaction to your vibrator says about his personality.

The Secret Admirer
Take the phone (with permission) of a friend or a colleague whose number won’t be in his contact book. Send him ridiculous texts throughout the day—taking on the persona of a secret admirer or bashful crush. Reveal things about him that he thinks not even you know about him. To really pull it off, SMS yourself from the same number, pretending both of you are jointly battling this mystery creeper.

Reverse Lie-cology
There’s obviously a chance he could be expecting some of your crafty creativity on AFD. If you think this is the case, pretend you have a big surprise or prank in the works by acting abnormally and sheepishly grinning throughout the day. However, as his confusion heightens as the day comes to a close, reveal that your AFD prank was that there was no AFD prank.

If your guy gets all bro on you and doesn’t find humor in one of our naughty April Fool’s Day pranks, take it as a good sign to dump him.

Just kidding!

But when he gets his revenge next year, don’t blame us for starting it!

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