For all the inequality between the genders when it comes to sex, one that doesn’t often come up is the different ways that we view masturbation.

Guys masturbating is seen as a given, and often a crude middle school joke, whereas many ladies didn’t even know girls could masturbate until after they started having sex. Thankfully, the past decade has seen discussions around pleasure grow by leaps and bounds; heck, just check out how crowded the average sex store now is, full of high-quality, silicone vibrators from love eggs to rabbit vibes.

But one thing you’ll notice that while women masturbating is now celebrated, and indeed catered to with so many fantastic products, the same cannot be said for our penis-having friends. Most people can’t name a sex toy for men, or think that only gay men or terminally single “weirdos” would use sex toys to masturbate.

Of course these assumptions are just plain wrong; pleasure is something that is the right of people of all bodies, and while the language of sex toy shopping very often falls into a trap of male and female, we’re going to take a moment and focus on some of the sex toys designed for guys, but are really for anyone who has a penis and/or a prostate (and even some who don’t)!

Cock Rings

Cock rings, sometimes euphemistically called ‘couples’ rings,’ are, as the name suggests, a ring that goes around a cock. While they are often made out of silicone, they can be made of leather, rubber or even metal. Placed around the base of the penis―or sometimes penis and testicles―during sex, it restricts blood flow to make erections seem fuller and longer lasting.

That can be fun on its own, but as an added bonus, a lot of cock rings, like LIFEGUARD™, also have a motor that lets it vibrate for the shared pleasure of the people having partners sex. It can be placed with the motor on top and used in the missionary position, for example, to apply vibrations to the clitoris. It can also be flipped upside down to offer vibes on the testicles, but that isn’t the only ‘alternative’ way to use a cock ring.

Cock rings can also be placed on dildos for masturbation or for use in a strap on, or you can slip your pointer and middle fingers through the ring to use it as a handheld vibe. This versatility is one of the things that makes cock rings one of the best couples’ toys around!

Butt Plugs

picobong-surfer-plug-vibe-blackButt plugs are some of the most distinctly shaped sex toys around. Sort of like a short dildo that tapers to the tip, it absolutely 100% MUST have a flared base. If someone comes up to you and says ‘hey I have a butt plug, let’s put it in your butt’ and it doesn’t have a flared base, you take that hunk of metal/silicone/wood/glass and throw it right in the trash.

Right, now that you’ve done that, let’s give you the breakdown on what exactly a butt plug is and what it does. A butt plug goes, as you might imagine, in your butt, generally being designed to stay up in there while you do other things like masturbate, have partnered sex, go for a walk to the mail box, whatever. Now obviously, butts are not something only possessed by people assigned male at birth, nor should butt plugs only be used by those cis males, however some butt plugs are able to add an extra OOMPH to the already pleasurable filling sensation with some good ol’fashioned targeted prostate stimulation. This can be through the shape and length of the plug, or it can be through some high powered vibrations, like the TANO™ 2 or SURFER™―the latter of which adds the convenience of remote-control of said vibrations with your mobile phone!

Masturbation Cups

Called masturbation aids, masturbators, or even pocket+whatever anatomical part they’re meant to look like―because you truly can find one that looks like everything from your favorite adult actor’s mouth to a werewolf butt―these toys are essentially anything that you use to masturbate a penis with.

Many use vacuum suction to get a good grip as you stroke, while others, like the PicoBong BLOWHOLE™ use powerful vibrations to act almost like a ‘passive’ masturbator. Basically, you don’t need to fit all of yourself into the toy or thrust, you just put the cup on your tip and work through the different patterns and strengths. It’s definitely a new way of getting off for a lot of people, but not a bad one!

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