Dating Older People

Sugar Daddy. Sugar Mama. Cougar. MILF. DILF. Today’s humorous Urban Dictionary entries for those older hotties looking for love increase by the day. And chances are (if it hasn’t happened already), one day, you’ll find yourself with a salt and peppered suitor looking to add some spice in your life.

So in preparation for your Mrs. or Mr. Robinson, PicoBong reveals its top tips for dating someone considerably older than you.

Ask Questions

Whether you’re the first person he’s ever kissed (ha!) or his potential seventh wife, let’s face it, you’ve got questions. Unlike relationships with people your age, where ambiguity and slowly playing hard to get is the name of the game, the intentions of an older suitor deserve to be aired out sooner rather than later.

Set the Rules

Once you’ve asked the right questions: Is he only in town for a short amount of time? Does he travel a lot? Has he had it with marriage? Does he ever plan on meeting your friends?, set the rules of the relationship. Share your expectations and see if they match. If you’re not open and honest, chances are you’re afraid of the answers you might get.

Listen to Your Friends

Let’s face it: if you’re dating an older person, your friends are going to talk (especially your guy friends, girls). While your first instinct might be to brush them off with a “you just don’t understand,” be sure to listen what they have to say. When we’re in a new relationship, we’re often blind and overly-defensive toward criticism of our mate.

Distinguish Between Age & Maturity

Before calling co-eds your age immature, take time to realize that in adults, age doesn’t correlate with real maturity anymore than it correlates to IQ. Just as a 20 year old could be wiser and smarter than a 50 year old, the same goes for maturity. To gauge your mate’s maturity, note how he handles stressful situations and how he treats people other than you on your first date.

Enjoy the Ride

While the greater the age difference, the more complicated things can be, as far as life experience points go, dating someone older is a major tick on the bucket list. The more diverse your mates and dates are over a lifetime, the better equipped you are to decide what type of person is right for you in the long run.

When getting involved with someone considerably older than you, it’s best to keep your present spirits high and future expectations low—a strategy that will, in time, prove more realistic than pessimistic.

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