Just because the temperatures are low these days doesn’t mean your sex drive has to follow suit. Actually, the opposite tends to be true. For example, condom sales boom in winter. And did you know that the most common shared birthday is September 16? Do some monthly math and you’ll find that lots of people were gettin’ down in, that’s right, wintertime.

Let’s face it: The cold is here to stay for a while, so why fight it when you can embrace it! And what better way to do that than by following PicoBong’s flurry of winter sex tips aimed to keep you in the know in spite of the snow.

Steamy Does It

Don’t have a hot tub? Fear not. Any bathroom can be turned into a spa of sensuality with a little creativity. Run a hot bath or take a hot shower together. After bathing one another, step out into the steam and experiment with the bathroom’s ambient S&M offerings. For starters, try tying your partner to the shower curtain’s pole or single-bar towel rack with the help from some light bondage accessories.

Get a Grip

As we said this summer divulging our top sex tips with ice, wrapping your cold hand around your partner’s member will shock them with a hurts-so-good sensation. The sudden, intense change in temperature is sure to curl their toes and make them the putty in your hands. Once they’re over the initial astonishment, raise their temperature back up with the warmth of your mouth.

Put the ‘Wick’ in Wicked

We don’t want to get all Ricky Martin on you here, but massage oil candles are one of the sexiest ways to keep it hot while staying warm this winter. In addition to setting the mood for your winter funderland, massage oil candles provide premium massage oil while filling the room with a scented aphrodisiac.

Cover Your Bases

In any cold setting, the key to keeping your body temperature high is maximizing the surface area of your body covered by warmth. Having sex in the spoon position with your legs intertwined and their hands on your front will leave a minimum of skin exposed to the elements. If beautiful, natural warmth just isn’t enough for you; however, an electric blanket can surely bring some added heat to your sheets.

Get Dirty While Keepin’ It Clean

Next time you’re drying some clean clothes, prop yourself up on the dryer and invite your partner to come “help you with some wet clothes.” In addition to providing warmth to your bottom, the rumbling of the dryer will emit pleasurable vibrations. A perfect set up for a surprise frisky quickie, the drying machine should warrant a perfect height for your partner to stand and please you from.

See? Winter ain’t so bad after all. Like all things in life, it’s what you make of it. And to further help you sing your way through the winter blues, remember that our Facebook page is here to provide you with long laughs, tantalizing tips and fun and frisky facts on all things sex, all winter long.

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