So you’ve decided to jump on the couples’ sex toy express, destination: better sex. Calling at kinky foreplay, G-spot junction and orgasmville. How you decide to travel is up to you, but here at Picobong, we guarantee this is one journey where you won’t need a return ticket. So whether you’re a pair of total beginners or fully-fledged vibro pros, we’ve got you covered. Welcome aboard!

Beginner’s Luck

To be honest, if you’ve never experienced the joys of toys before, we envy you. Like that movie you’ve watched, like, a million times but wish you hadn’t so you could enjoy it all over again for the first time, this is a toy box you’ll never get tired of.

An erotic massage is the perfect way to ease into a sex toy session as it is a great chance to explore his unknown erogenous zones as well as her surprising sweet spots. Consider using a fun, external massager such as the IPO finger vibe to gently take things up a level and let the games begin.

Happy Medium

Now that you’re comfortable with the basics of couples’ sex toy play, maybe it’s time to try something a little different; good job Picobong is here to help!

The MAHANA duo vibe simultaneously gives a toe-curlingly good clitoral massage while stimulating her G-spot in ways we bet you never even knew possible. It’s also a great turn on for him as he can help you succumb to the legal kind of ecstasy.

Alternatively, try letting your wild one loose with the thrills of beginners BDSM. Picobong’s racy collection of blindfolds, handcuffs, feather teasers and whips can help amplify the senses by either assuming or surrendering control.


OK, so you passed sex toys 101 with a bunch of O’s, G’s, maybe even some E’s, on your report card, and the two of you are on the verge of sealing a multi-million dollar publishing deal for the couples’ sex tips book you just finished writing together. Congratulations, send a copy our way! But what’s next?

Well, remember that the dark ages when sex toys were just for women are (thankfully) long gone so how about a little something for him?

A prostate massage, for example, does not only feel awesome, it also comes with a whole raft of men’s health benefits including improved orgasms. Tano is a plug vibe that gives intense male G-spot joy for couples looking to experience the absolute peak of sexual pleasure.

The world of sex toys for couples is not as daunting as you might think, and the benefits it can have on both your sex life and general health are now science fact. If you start with what makes you feel comfortable and always remember that an order of fun for two is the most important thing, we’re certain you’ll be soakin’ up some o’ them good vibrations in no time.


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