For many of us, heading off to college is possibly our first taste of real freedom. No parents, no curfews, no embarrassing stories about what happened in gym class that time when we were 12 that have followed us around ever since.

There are also more new people than you can shake a stick at, some of whom you may want to have a little bit of sex with. Where and how to do this when you share one of your university’s finest multi-bed establishments with someone else won’t be a problem if you follow our advice.

Do Play by the Rules

Chances are your roommate has blood in their body and a brain in their head so they too probably fancy a crack at the campus cuties. Set up a simple code (think hanging a tie on the door knob or whatever, but more original) so your roomie and you can let each other know if the room is ‘ocupado’ for the next hour or so.

Don’t be Selfish

You may be part of the coolest dorm the world has ever known but everyone has limits and if you’re hanging ties on the door every night we’re impressed, but your roommate won’t be. Respect the fact that the person or people you share a room with also have their own agenda and their own exams to pass, not to mention their own rocks to get off so be sure to play a supporting role from time to time.

Do Keep it Down

Let’s face it, going at it while your roommate is sleep talking just a few feet away isn’t ideal, but sometimes the need is just too much to take so when the situation presents itself, make it into a game. Having sex in silence is actually pretty tough – we bet you can’t do it – but if you and your study buddy can somehow pull it off, you’ll be well on your way to a more hassle-free Freshman year.

Don’t Forget About Privacy

This accounts for both your privacy and everyone else’s. If your dorm is anything like ours was, there’ll be a lot people packed together into a pretty small space, so closing your doors and windows is never a bad idea. Even if you’re tempted to let the air flow on those sweaty summer days, remember the two of you have a got a reputation to uphold for another few years and baring all to the bookworm across the way might not be the best way to do this.

Do Think Outside the Bed

Inside us all is a little exhibitionist just trying to let loose so instead of always telling it to calm its passions, take the opportunity to explore sex outside the bedroom. Instead of just having sex in your bed – and pissing your room mate off on a daily basis to boot – make use of your surroundings. Picobong’s selection of waterproof vibrators can help with that as the communal showers are often pretty quiet late at night so they’re a good place to get frisky either alone or with a friend!

So rest assured that college roommates don’t spell the end for you Freshman year fun and as long as you remain respectful of each other, there’ll be high fives in the AM from September to summer.

Just be sure to stay safe and stay tuned.

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