We’ve all met people who think they’re god’s gift to women, already know it all and claim they could write a book on the best way to please the fairer sex. Well, sorry to disappoint – actually, no we’re not – but now it’s time for you to listen and learn, because in the same way that men have their lesser known turn-ons, likewise there’s a lot more to turning a person assigned-female-at-birth on than meets the eye.


Now, we know what you’re thinking, and yes that is a great turn on too, but this time we mean the pretty round thing just above the shoulders.

The human head is home to billions of tiny nerve endings making it an area extremely sensitive to touch, so scalp massages and soft kissing of the thin skin covering the eye lids are two great ways to activate your partner’s feel-good chemicals.

Smokin’ Joints

Again not top of the list in the Casanova playbook, the areas behind the knees and elbows are highly receptive to touch and while tickling for arousal is sometimes a tricky art form – while laughter in the bedroom is great, you don’t want your partner uncontrollably giggling their horniness away – a feather teaser is a fun addition to flirty foreplay. The thicker skin on the outside of the elbow also allows for a little rough-housing if you’re looking to spice things up.

Neck Support

The neck and shoulders have a major job on their hands supporting all the aforementioned chemical reactions going on in that beautiful head of theirs, so a relaxing rub down with some gentle kissing is a fine way to show how much you appreciate their efforts.

You could even throw in a little nibble of the ear for good luck, as the lobe in particular is sensitive to a soft bite.

The Mons-ter Mash

The what? It’s OK, Professor Picobong told us that the mons is the area just above the vagina. Sometimes overlooked en route to greater glories, not only does hesitating a while to caress the whole pelvic area with a few warm breaths and light kisses stimulate all sorts of nerve endings, it also seriously ramps up her anticipation for things to come.

Happy Feet

Not just a movie showpiece (anyone seen The Devil’s Advocate?), stimulation of the feet can be hugely erotic for similar reasons to that of the scalp. Reflexology shows strong links between the sole of the foot and the rest of the body so a good foot massage, hell even some toe sucking and you’ll both be well on your way to some new found fun times.

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