food foreplay 1When thinking of food to get you in the mood, perhaps your mind goes to the clichéd sections of your pleasure pantry, where you keep the chocolate syrup, strawberries and whipped cream. But there are so many more types of food that perfectly suit anyone’s palate for passion, and they’re all just a shopping trip away from being shared between you and your partner.

Granulated sugar
Foreplay can present a perfect opportunity to use up those never-used packets that come with your morning cup of coffee, because a light lick and a small sprinkle on the skin makes for some even tastier teasing.

Optimal areas of application include the neck, thighs and around the breasts – sprinkle smart though, because nobody likes the ‘sandy sheets’ feeling.

Aside from simply being a sexy-looking fruit, the insides of a split avocado can be scooped out with a spoon and fed to your partner. Besides – who doesn’t love the creamy richness of a fresh avocado?

Like the avocado, a mango can be your foreplay food friend – just halve it, score it, and scoop the insides out with your fingers to feed each other in a finger-licking-good fashion. Mangoes are perfectly juicy and fragrant to jump start the senses or taste and smell while you both work on the other 3.

Brie and Crackers
Simple finger foods that can be prepared for one another like a good brie and fancy crackers (not just generic saltines) are a fun way to share, and perfect for dates early in the relationship where pleasure is a possibility, or in advanced stages to help set the mood for mutual satisfaction.

This world-famous hazelnut spread is not only undeniably delicious, but also easily applied to most every sexy spot imaginable with a simple flick of the finger.

So take these foods out of your fridge the next time foreplay is on the menu and find your perfect ingredient for an even tastier main course (which in this case is sex!)

foreplay food 2


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