Holy moly, I got into Harvard! … Wait, I’m going to get paid $50,000 a year to teach English in Korea?! … Oh my god, like, now that I’m done with Eat, Pray, Love, I’m, like, totally flying to Bali and not coming back until I’m, like, totally happy all the time.

As the number of opportunistic, galvanizing globetrotters continues to increase, so with it has the commonality of the long-distance relationship. And while technology is responsible for breaking us apart, it’s also paradoxically the one thing that can bring us back together. So even if you’re unable to physically hold your loved one these days, embracing these five tips for successful Skype sex will allow you to go the distance in spite of the distance.

Hype up the Skype

Just like sexting during the day builds up tension for an in-person evening rendezvous, your pre-Skype date naughty texts and emails can have equal tension-building capabilities. While you can’t physically pounce on your lover as he walks through the door, it can be even more pleasant of a surprise for him to sign onto Skype to a close-up of you getting down.

Can’t Touch This

Set up a Skype date a week in advance and make a pact that neither of you will masturbate until it. As well as creating healthy sexual tension, the experience of simultaneously using mental toughness to tackle a common challenge builds an emotional, we’re-in-this-together bond. (Naturally, lay out playful repercussions for being the rule-breaking hornball.)

He’s Making a List…

Have him make a detailed list of things he wants to see you do with your vibrator and submit it to you for approval. While going through the list during Skype sex, pick the dirty desire he’s most likely drooling for you to perform, and tell him you’ll save it for next time if he’s lucky. This will keep you on his mind and allow you to maintain your sexual power.

Make Him Your Copilot

Since your guy might be new to your PicoBong, explain the ins and outs of your 12-speed, 12-vibration pattern companion to him. Once he’s got a grip on things, have him playfully navigate you through the myriad of orgasm-inducing speed and pattern combinations, noting down the ones that provide music to his ears.

Who Says Three’s a Crowd?

While logic might tell you otherwise, bring your vibrator to your reunion keeping our sex toy travel advice in mind. Now a symbol of sexual nostalgia and reunification, during foreplay, have him use the vibrator on you in ways he’s used to seeing you use it on yourself.

With PicoBong vibrators, three is not a crowd—it’s a party! And while none of our vibrators pretend to be a substitute for the real thing, they have been proven track record of turning snoreplay into foreplay.

So whether you’re dealing with a ZIP, area, or country—know that every long distance code is a little easier to crack when PicoBong is on your side.


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