Buying a vibrator can be fraught with indecision, especially if it’s your first. So many colors, functions, shapes and sizes. Choosing between a rabbit-style vibrator and a butt plug might be easy enough, but what about ones that look a bit more similar? We take a look at the differences between IPO™ 2 and KOA™.


IPO™ 2

What it Is

A bullet-shaped slip-on finger vibe.

Who it’s For

People who like  intense external stimulation, solo or coupled.

How to Use itIpo_group

Ah, the finger vibe. A wonderful first sex toy choice for people who mostly focus on the clit when masturbating. Slipped over the pointer finger (you may need a little water-based lube) you can tease yourself with circular motions on the clitoris. Or heck, get your partner to do it!

You can also use it to tease the opening of the vagina or anus BUT:

-Never try putting it fully inside, you may lose it up there, which would make for one awkward trip to the ER. Or, potential TV fame if they feature you on a show about weird stuff people have lost in their butt.

-If you’re using IPO™ 2 for anal play, don’t let it come in contact with the vagina after without a thorough cleaning or you could cause a bacterial infection. You can also cover it with a clean condom to be safe.



What it Is

A 4” (98mm) bullet-vibe with ring attachment.

Who it’s For

People who like external or internal stimulation, solo or coupled.

How to Use it

Koa_black_(390x390)While the shape of KOA™ is quite similar to IPO™ 2, rather than having a silicone strap for your finger, it has a firm, ABS-plastic ring at the base. This ring measures about 1” unstretched, and 2” stretched, so it fits around a penis or dildo with the aid of lubricant to act as a cock ring.

While it won’t restrict blood flow as much as others, it can be placed on top to stimulate clitorally, or flipped under to stimulate the vulva or around the anus in doggy-style. To best make use of KOA™ as cock ring, it can be pointed straight up or down to let the receiving partner straddle while on top.

Where KOA™ really shines, however, is when you or your partner uses the plastic ring as a finger hook. It can also be flipped around the middle finger to the front of the palm for broad external stimulation. During solo or partnered play it delivers focused vibrations, and can be great if you’re not used to deep or particularly large penetration.


Now, again we must stress:

-If you’re using it for anal insertion, make sure the person holding onto it has a good handle on the hook, lest it get lost.

-It’s like the old adage says: ‘Vagina to butt, go ahead and strut. Butt to vagina… something something… ocean liner.’ Ok whatever, just don’t do it. Switching a toy from anal play to vaginal play (external OR internal) needs a thorough cleaning, or cover it with a condom.


So there you have it, KOA™ and IPO™ 2 put head to head. As with most everything in this world, neither is better than the other, just a little bit different. And if variety is the spice of life, play on. Or something.

If you have any questions about KOA™ and IPO™ 2, or any other PicoBong products, send us a Facebook message and we’d love to help you out.

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