‘In the Shadows’ is a project by the creatives behind PicoBong.

The project refers to the underground world, shrouded by judgment and prejudice, which still revolves around self loving and sex. With an open and thorough understanding of sex and a banner advocating liberated sexuality, ‘In the Shadows’ is a documentation of the ritual suppression of our sexual selves – a part of us all that is allowed to escape for short bursts of time before being hurriedly hidden away along with ones sex life accessories.

‘In the Shadows’ is a representation of the process that occurs during and after the resolution stage of an orgasm. After the body has revelled in orgasmic pleasure and we begin to gain composure, many are racked by a sense of guilt or anxiety, attempting to rationalize, analyze and contextualize what, in the heat of the moment, was simple in its instinct.

Sexuality is commonly understood as a biological, sociological and psychological equation that exists in every aspect of individuals lives. Throughout modern history we have seen various stages of sexual progression and liberation; biologically, people have become more adventurous during sexual encounters and sociologically we have become desensitised by sex in all its forms as it is represented through various forms of media. However, psychologically we have seen very little progression.

It is this under-developed sense of our own psychological acceptance of our sexuality that sees us censoring ourselves out of sex. Hiding our sexual selves away.

In ‘In the Shadows’, individuals are represented by dolls. These dolls are the sexual beings that live inside all of us. They are censored out due to not only ones desire to not be known but also through society’s objection of discovering such things. They are fluid in that they have just been caught in the very places they are meant to be safe; under the bed, in the desk, on top of a closet. This campaign does not come as a means of advertising for PicoBong, more of an explanation of PicoBong’s aims to penetrate our most private zones and challenge the obsessive compulsion to suppress sex.

PicoBong is a brand that seeks to break the molds of previously acknowledged sexual norms—of shattering taboos, of offering diversity and choices that serve to unleash one’s beautiful sexual power from within.

Barbie Vibrator

Ken Doll

Honi PicoBong

Mahana PicoBong

Ipo PicoBong

Ken and Barbie

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