So that house party your friends dragged you out to yielded some surprising results. You came with low expectations and left with your digits in that charming guy’s phone. After playing it cool for a few days, he calls and invites you out for dinner, channeling his inner pickup artist and peppering his texts with ambiguous flirtatiousness. You agree to meet him, but now that you think of it, you haven’t been on a first date since your ex asked you out to see Twilight (yes, the original).

Before WhatsApping your friends to death, asking what to wear and how to act, take a breath and review PicoBong’s top five first date tips.

Keep Your Expectations Low

If you go into a first date as a marriage interview, you’re only going to leave disappointed. Enjoy the beauty of getting to know another human being and take it for what it is—a few hours to get to know someone new. The only goal of your first date should be to decide if there will be a second one.

Put Away Your Phone

While those moments of inevitable awkward silence will leave you itching to reach for your phone, resist the temptation at all costs. On top of coming off as rude and immature, you run the risk of letting your mind wander away from your date. To help you resist the urge, don’t keep your phone in front of you.

Axe the Ex

While it’s normal to internally compare your date to your exes, keep it to yourself. Talking about an ex shows that you’re not over him, and it will make your date feel judged. Also forgo asking him about any of his past exes—there’s a time and place for that, but not at square one.

Watch for Body Language

Studies show that as high as 93% of our emotions are communicated though body language, and if you know what to look for, you could potentially read his mind. For starters, if he leans into you when he talks, he’s interested. If he folds his arms, he’s a bit nervous. And if you feel his hands on your back or shoulder at any time, he’s surely into you.

Ask Questions

While you’re certainly eager to demonstrate what a catch you are, resist the urge to talk about yourself at length. If he asks you a question, make sure you ask it back. In addition, plan a few seemingly spontaneous questions when you get stuck—you’ll be thankful when the convo (inevitably) turns silent.

We know first dates can be a whirlwind of emotions, but regardless of the outcome, enjoy the unpredictability of it all! The fact that the guy sitting across from you could be the dud of all duds, the future father of your children or anything in between is one of life’s most enticing mysteries!

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