IPO™ 2 is…

…a vibe that hugs every curve, swerve and nook you throw its way. While it will be happy to order the usual off the menu of external titillations, it’s a hungry little fellow that won’t stop short of over-consumption. Whether it’s the arch of the back, the nape of the neck or the nook of the elbow you fancy, IPO™ 2 will serve out delicious delicacies catered to your singular cravings. It oscillates between being a tender touch to your naughtiest bits and the cutest cuddle-buddy you’ve ever met. IPO™ 2 takes pride in its vast diversity and will never discriminate between erogenous zones.

If you are…

….new to the self-loving game, a master of erogeneity or anywhere in between. A craver of all-over sensuality. Someone who desires diversity and multi-functionality right at your fingertips. Not afraid to explore new bounds of ecstasy. A person who needs to have it all, everywhere and all over. Happy to indulge others with tickles, touches and bona fide erotic play that might just be a tad hyperactive—in a good way.

…then IPO™ 2 is the mate for you.

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