It’s mid-March, fellas, which means your day o’ getting lucky is just around the corner. But we’re not talking leprechauns and shamrocks—we’re referring to a much more alluring pot of gold—steaks and blow jobs.

In case you haven’t heard, March 14 marks the leaving-not-too-much-to-the-imagination Steak and Blow Job Day, a day where guys worldwide are entitled to…well, let’s skip the obvious and get straight to some S&BJ Q&A.

How did this all come about?

According to the holiday’s founder, Boston radio host Tom Birdey, Valentine’s Day, while masked as a couples’ holiday, tends to be female-focused, leaving men with little to gain and everything to lose. For those men who went above and beyond on February 14, Steak and Blow Job Day gives women the opportunity to say “thank you” for a job well done.

So Steak and Blow Job Day is an ‘earned’ holiday?

If you must put it like that, yes. If the female fraction of a relationship deems the male’s Valentine’s Day efforts satisfactory, one month later, on March 14, he is to be rewarded with the trophies for which the holiday is named.

Is this some sorta joke?

While your boss and Hallmark will beg to differ, Steak and Blow Job Day has been an exponentially-growing, unofficial holiday for nearly a decade. Still think we’re full of it? Scope out the official Steak and Blow Job Day website for steak recipes, blowjob tips and a collection of printable greeting cards.

And just when you thought that heartfelt, handwritten letter and that $4,000 ring were a selfless display of affection, along comes the month of meat meets mouth.

For those who hit the mark this V-Day? Bravo! And for those poor souls whose efforts fell short? Check out PicoBong’s fool proof tips for a successful Valentine’s Day on any budget, promising to ensure that this time next year, the one blowing it won’t be you.

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