Like the plotline from an M. Night Shyamalan movie, the online dating industry has unfolded so fast it seems to have caused quite a lot of confusion and misunderstanding that still exists about the whole finding love online thing.

Here at Picobong, we get a lot of people asking about this – internet romance that is, not our ability to see dead people – so we decided to turn all agony aunt for the day, in a attempt to answer just a few of the more commonly-asked online dating queries.

How much information should I reveal?

In truth, there’s no set formula for this but finding a balance between being interesting but not a loudmouth is a good place to start.

Try to find things about you that are unique, your penchant for parasailing or adeptness as an acrobat maybe.  As long as they are true – or at least vaguely true – and will kick-start a conversation, you’re onto a winner.

Things like your blood type, cat’s name and breakfast routine are where FYI becomes too much I.

Should I be honest on my application?

Yes, absolutely, because with as many as 40 million people in the U.S. alone having tapped into the online dating resource, there’s probably at least one person out there for everybody so sticking the correct label on your personality package will help avoid you getting returned to sender.

You don’t buy a box of Froot Loops and expect to find Frosties inside right? And if you did you’d have every right to be more than a little put out. Likewise you meet someone who claims to be a dab hand at high stakes Texas hold ‘em only to find out later the only flush they’ve ever had is a hot one at how humiliating this whole thing has become, and well, there goes date numero dos.

Save yourself the hassle; honesty is the best policy.

How about my profile photo?

If the rise in social media has taught us anything, it’s that looking pretty as a picture has never been easier, and while this is undoubtedly a great way to get attention online, we recommend not going overboard with Instagram and the black and white filters.

Shallow though it may seem, online daters have a lot of options available at the click of a button and most people agree that looks are important. In order to have a successful first date and avoid any potential embarrassment when the two of you meet up, an accurate representation of your beautiful mug will do fine.

Also, get a friend to take it, as sometimes selfies can look at bit, you know, forced.

Is online dating safe?

Generally speaking, the days where creepy old men scour the internet telling lies about themselves are long gone and although invariably one or two bad apples do fall from the tree, modern dating sites are pretty savvy when it comes to filtering them out.

That being said it is always important to treat your online dating profile in the same way you should all your other private information and if you’re lucky enough to get asked out on a date, always tell a friend or family member where you’re going and keep the meeting place public.

Unlike seeing Mr. Shyamalan’s movies, online dating has fast become one of the most effective and successful ways for couples to hook up and there’s no reason why your experiences won’t be as positive as those of the millions who testify to just that online.

We’ll check back in again soon with some more handy dating and relationship tips, but until then, play safe and stay even safer.

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