DAFF Shanghai

As we at PicoBong continue to spread our good vibrations worldwide, we’d like to invite all of our Asia-based friends, fans and fellow fornicators to get “hai” with us this weekend in China.

This Saturday, September 22, marks the 3rd installment of D.A.F.F., Shanghai’s Design, Art and Fashion Fair. Attended by over 80 of the world’s most cutting-edge brands and over 4,000+ partygoers, D.A.F.F. is a sharing, selling, watching, eating, drinking, and dancing haven for hip and trendy movers and shakers.

Bound to be the life of the par-tay, our PicoBongers will be in attendance spreading good vibes, organizing party games, fielding questions, turning strangers into friends and revealing our brand-spanking-new Evilution bondage-play accessory line.

Capturing all the fun in the sun will be our PicoBong photographer and videographer, so if you can’t show your pretty little face at D.A.F.F. (we forgive you this time), stay tuned into our Facebook page and Twitter page to vicariously relive all the day’s fun as well as stay on top of all the latest PicoBong 411.

While you might not be able to make it to Shanghai, there’s no excuse for not stopping by our fan pages to say hi.

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