Cell phone technology has inarguably diminished our ability to get away with excuses. Today we have no excuse for getting lost, failing to keep in touch with our wily college pals or forgetting to pay our phone bills.

But on a more consequential level, we’re left with another inexcusable gesture—one that has tarnished the names of some of the world’s most famous figures: recklessly sharing naughty photos via SMS (or Whatsapp or Snapchat or what-app-you).

While seemingly playful in nature, an ill-advised sext could harbor devastating consequences. And according to recent research, women worldwide are becoming more sexually explicit than ever.

With all this in mind, we decided it’s finally time to offer up our top tips for keeping intimate photo sharing fun,
safe and most importantly, anonymous.

Save Face

Use your head by, well, not using your head. Keep your pretty face out of any nude or semi-nude photo submission. Unless you have a super-personal tattoo or distinctive birth mark, no intercepting interloper will be able to identify the face accompanying that bootylicious bod.

Practice Safe Sext

Just like you keep your favorite vibrators safely stored in secret drawers and boxes, take the same precaution with your digital possessions. If you don’t delete nude photos ASAP (recommended), be sure to file them on a separate, hidden USB or CD.

Dishonor the Honor System

While you might have every reason to believe someone’s “I swear I won’t show anyone,” remember how quickly relationships can go from sweet to sour. Take all words of reassurance with a grain of salt, keeping in mind that established intimacy and trust needs no vocalization.

Know Your Power Limits

Unfortunately, taking every picky precaution doesn’t guarantee your privacy. While unlikely, your phone and computer can be hacked. Even apps like SnapChat, which automatically deletes photos 10 seconds after being viewed, are no match for a swift screen capture.


While you might be surprised to hear the ‘A word’ coming from us, the only surefire way to guarantee your photographic privacy is to forego sending nude photos altogether. If you’re not completely comfortable distributing racy images of yourself but still looking to tantalize with technology, give mastering the art of sexting a try.

While your racy SMS might not make it all the way to TMZ, you can never be too cautious sending images of your body. As countless celebrities and politicians have discovered—your life and reputation could forever transform with the push of a button—literally.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The next time you send one of yourself, be sure seven of them won’t be “Why on Earth did I do that?”

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