Because PicoBong cares so very much about the well-being of every pleasure-seeker, we’ve looked into all the different ways that sex – and orgasms, more precisely –not only benefit your health, but improve some of the conditions that affect us all.

A surprising health benefit of orgasm is lighter periods with less intense cramping. You see, during climax your uterus will contract, and while doing so eradicate cramp-causing compounds and expel blood and tissue. Have enough orgasms during your time of the month, and you can even shorten your period.

Pro tip: if you’re having  vaginal sex during your period, opt for missionary position; the horizontal position will make for a lighter flow. If your flow is heavy enough to totally turn you off from period sex, you can always opt for anal sex or clitoral stimulation!

Having an orgasm will also help you deal with physical discomfort other than menstrual cramps, like post-workout aches and pains. When you’re aroused through to when you climax, your body’s oxytocin levels rise, which in turn gets your pituitary gland to pump out endorphins that will dull any pains you might be feeling in your muscles, or even a headache!

And the hits keep on coming, because get this – the endorphin rush and heightened circulation you just experienced, it will also help keep your skin clear and vibrant. The ‘post-sex glow’ in part comes from an influx of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA, if you please) entering your system, which is vital to healthy skin and a clear complexion.

Let’s not forget about the fellas however; men who have orgasms as much as five times a week greatly decrease their chances of contracting prostate cancer in the future, and can decrease those chances further if he practices prostate massage.

So no matter what ails you, you’d be surprised what a little prescribed pleasure can do for you. And of course, if you happen to find yourself without a ‘health-care provider,’ you can still reap the health benefits through masturbation.

Take 2 orgasms and call us in the morning!


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