While we’re darn certain you’ve been celebrating either way, you might be surprised to discover that May is National Masturbation Month. The brainchild of San Francisco (where else!) sexologist Carol Queen, NMM, which recently got a 30-day upgrade from National Masturbation Day, is dedicated to socializing sex toys and eliminating social taboos surrounding masturbation.

So in honor of the efforts of self fulfillment’s Queen Bee, PicoBong applauds NMM efforts by handing out some eye-opening masturbation myths and facts.

90% of Women Masturbate


In 1953, 62% of women admitted to masturbating. In 1979, that number jumped to 74%. Today, 90% admit to pleasuring themselves, and two-thirds do it at least three times a week. However, taking previously conservative social taboos into consideration, many sexologists believe that the current rate has been consistent for decades.

Saliva is the Best Lubricant


While saliva seems like an easily-accessible natural lube, a recent University of Michigan study has found that women who use their saliva to do the deed run a higher risk of developing frequent yeast infections. According to the data, saliva can disrupt the balance of vaginal bacteria, so it’s best you stick to all-natural lube.

People who Have Regular Sex Masturbate Less


We’ve all heard the self-righteous claim “I don’t need to masturbate” from at least one of our snooty friends. Well turns out, they might be missing out on much more than the joys of self-fulfillment. While seemingly contradictory, the more someone has sex, the more he or she tends to masturbate and have an open, healthy view of sex.

There is More than 1 Type of Female Orgasm


While those who don’t know their ‘O’ might dish out wily, double-digit figures on this stat, there are generally three types of orgasm that AssFAB folks (assigned female at birth) an achieve—clitoral, vaginal and combination—combination being the simultaneous experience of 2 or more erogenouszones. As you can imagine, the combination orgasm was also the most difficult to attain—that is, until rabbit vibes came along.

Masturbation is a Natural Pain Reliever


While you’ve surely heard that orgasms are good for you, let’s get down to some real talk. People who masturbate regularly report relief from menstrual cramps, improved symptoms of PMS, including irritability and crankiness, and fewer headaches. In addition, masturbation is one of the most effective self-medicating stress relievers.

With two days still left in the mesmerizing month of May, we recommend using the next 48 hours to lend a helping hand to Carol Queen by taking pride in exploring your body and getting to know the most beautiful, awesome person in the world—you.

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