Though the Chinese might not agree, this seems to have been the Year of the Sex App, as more and more companies continue to churn out ‘new and innovative’ ways for you to hook up without having to do much more than press a few buttons. Whether or not any of them are actually any good and, more to the point, if it makes the slightest bit of difference which one you go for could however be the difference between you finding love online, or simply falling by the wireless wayside.


The fact that of the 100 million people that Tinder claims to have matched only 50 have lead to an engagement probably tells us all we need to know about what the app’s users are looking for.

Nevertheless Tinder has enjoyed huge popularity due to its speed, ease of use and sort of limited rejection style approach – someone you like will only know you like them if they like you too – and after the two of you have mutually liked, the rest of the games can begin. Or not as the case may be.

Down (Bang with Friends)

We’re assuming it was either a Rhodes Scholar, Greek philosopher or Nobel Prize for Literature winner who came up with the original name of this app which has courted controversy pretty much from day one.

In fact, as we write, Aristotle’s Bang with Friends has just undergone a ‘restructuring’ due to various rights infringements, but sex appers everywhere can rest assured that, after the success, publicity and subsequent uproar that surrounded the original release, the new one wasn’t far behind, making a comeback under the new, and even more exciting name, Down.


While you might be quick to dismiss it as another Tinder knock-off, Happn offers one key difference, it prioritizes the people that ‘cross your path.’

Using your phone’s GPS, it offers you a list of people from within a 250m radius (great if you’re in a big city, not so much if you live in the sticks.) It tells you how often you’ve crossed paths (and where) as well as their photo and basic info.

As with most apps, you ‘heart’ them and if they also ‘heart’ you, you have a ‘crush’ and can start messaging each other.However, you don’t need a mutual like. You can send a ‘charm’, which they will see and, hopefully, ‘heart’ you back.


The self-monikered ‘quick and easy way to find sex right now,’ Pure is a relative newcomer to the hook-up app scene and differentiates itself from the rest by being invitation only, that is to say, people have to ask to see more of your deets and you have the choice to say uh-huh, or nuh-uh.

Their ‘core tenet’ seems to be that everyone in the world should have sex with everyone else, so if you’re looking for a good ol’ one night stand, Pure is all about peace and love. And stuff.


Another addition to the long line of ‘dr’ apps – drn’t you jrst lrve internet fads? – Blendr is not quite as in your face as some of its competitors and relies on a pretty traditional see me, chat to me and we’ll see what happens kind of vibe.

The ticking counter in the bottom corner of the homepage suggests that roughly 100 people per minute are signing up, which means that by the year 2146, everyone in the world will be a member. We like those odds.


In truth there are many other sex apps out there, such has been the meteoric rise in popularity of others like those aforementioned, and new ones that claim to offer something different are being released – and occasionally withdrawn – almost on a weekly basis.

But if you feel inspired to go down the hookup app route yourself, we encourage you to shop around and pick one or two you think best suit what it is you’re looking for.

And always remember to be safe (which includes practicing safe sext), be respectful and have fun.

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