Keep the Spark in Your Sex Life and Watch the Fireworks Fly!Have your intimate experiences become a bit drab and same-old, same-old as of late? Perk it up and enjoy more piquante passions with our tips on how to spice up your sex life.

Make a Secret Sign
During a long-term relationship, couples can sometimes lose sight of the intense connection that brought them together in the first place. Return to the days when you were both foremost on each other’s minds and recreate that world-of-two feeling with a shared gesture that communicates what you can’t say when you’re feeling intimate in public situations.

A secret gesture that says ‘I’ve got you on my mind’ or just ‘I want you’ used at a dinner party or grocery check-out recreates the connection between you and bolsters intimacy without having to say a word.

Start Early
Before you barge into your ‘busy morning mode’, share a flirty moment together. Give his bottom a grab, or go in for a lip-lock when he least expects it – morning breath be damned!

Set your alarm fifteen minutes earlier than usual to work in some extra cuddling time, or a bright and early quickie!

Flame On
Candlelight is synonymous with romance for a reason. The soft lighting they give off is flattering for everyone who’s in it, so when you’re trying the whole ‘doin’ it with the lights on’ thing, opt for some open flame rather than switching on the halogens.

Work It Out
Exercise need not be a solo affair – hit the elliptical side-by-side and work up a sweat together. The change in context for your relationship lets your partner see you in a new environment, and will allow them to appreciate your body as you both get toned together. And remember – orgasms are great treatment for post-workout aches and pains, too!

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