Male Pleasure Spots

Part of the excitement of a new relationship is figuring out the touches, tickles and teases that turn them on, and if you think you’ve got your man figured out, there’s always more to learn. In the same way a woman’s body is covered in hot spots, so is a guy’s, and he deserves a little attention when you want to get him in the mood. But not all of them are the ones you’d expect, so make sure you’re not missing the point with our list below of the top spots for teasing!

His Prostate
PROSTATE RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE! Yep, we went there, and as a first point on this list, it’s a doozy; prostate massage unlocks seriously pleasurable orgasms when done correctly, and done regularly can be beneficial to his health as well! Of course he may need some convincing before you boldly go to his parts unknown, but the promise of even more fantastic climaxes should be more than enough!

His Eyelids
The thin skin of the eyelid is extra sensitive due to how close the nerve endings are to the surface of the skin, meaning that a lightly traced fingertip around his eye sockets or some soft kisses on his closed lids will be very well received indeed. After you’re done focusing on his lids, tell him to keep his eyes shut or slip a blindfold on him so you can stay in control of the pleasurable proceedings.

The Back of His Knees
The smooth, hairless skin behind his knees can be very ticklish and receptive to a light touch or a gentle kneading to pique his senses. Circular strokes with your fingertips or some playful swipes with something like a feather teaser are the perfect touch in this most unlikely of spots.

His Ears
The ears are actually well-known when it comes to seductive smooches and nibbles, but here’s a move that works like a charm that you probably haven’t tried yet; lightly pinch the skin that connects his lobes to his face and gently tug them downwards.

And Finally; His Forehead
This prominent place on the face isn’t the first male erogenous zone that springs to mind, but the head and scalp are covered with nerve endings that make it delightfully sensational with the right touch. Trace your fingertip along the hairline or run the pad of your thumb up from his eyebrow to his hairline – this kind of massage releases feel-good hormones dopamine and serotonin that will get him feeling fine and in the mood for getting frisky!

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