Whether you’re standing up, on your knees, upside down, or bent over the checkout at your local supermarket, where and how a woman likes to have sex can apparently reveal a lot about her personality.

However not many people  are particularly given to telling the world why they like to be done like a Dalmatian or ravaged in the restroom, some things are best kept under wraps. Keep it to yourself for now and just nod knowingly as PicoBong prepares to reveal all.


Anybody who claims that missionary sex is boring has been doing missionary sex all wrong for far too long and should have checked out our tips on making missionary better long ago.

Missionary sex suits people who not only enjoy increased intimacy, it’s also a go-to for those who enjoy deeper satisfaction, as missionary done properly can lead to intense clitoral stimulation. So intimacy, deep penetration and a good chance of an orgasm that’ll make your head explode? Doesn’t really sound that boring to us.

Doggy Style

If you like it doggy style, again it means you like your stimulation deep, but perhaps you’ve got a slightly wilder, more outgoing side than your missionary brethren.

And while going at it like a couple of carnal canines doesn’t have quite the same level of intimacy as doing the horizontal hula, embracing your animalistic edge from time to time ain’t never a bad thing!

Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl

Perhaps it’s been your life’s dream to become a cowgirl, or maybe even a reverse cowgirl – although we’re not exactly sure what a reverse cowgirl would do, answers on a postcard please – in which case you’re and extrovert and you like being in control.

You’re also more than likely very comfortable with the way you look, as you’re not afraid to bare all your best bits in the interests of a good ride.

Queen of the Quickie

If you’re partial to a quickie, you’re probably impatient and impulsive but, depending on whether you’re the instigator or just happy to play along, either domineering or submissive.

Thrill seekers like you love instant gratification and should check out our list of quickie sex locations, ‘cause sometimes our inner beast is just too wild to be tamed.


Ah the old soixante-neuf, sesenta y nueve, neunundsechzig; wherever you’re from and whichever language you speak, enjoying a sixty-nine means you’re a giver and a sharer, but also that you expect the same level of selfless behavior from other people.

Those who enjoy a meal for two will also get a kick out of using a couples’ ring, which allows both partners to experience the shared delights of intense mutual satisfaction.

Simply put, good sex is an endless voyage of self-discovery where the journey to your destination is half the adventure.

But when you arrive at a position that suits you to perfection, remember to keep the search alive; all your old favorites will still be waiting for you whenever you decide to go back.

Happy travels!

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