From passionately getting it on in secret one minute, to going about your daily routine the next, the special nature of quickie sex makes it perfect for those who get a kick out of hiding in plain view.

But while it’s the unexpectedness that gives quickies a permanent place in our hearts, some places are undoubtedly better than others for spur of the moment success. Allow us to elaborate.

Fitting Room

Often overlooked, the fitting room of your go-to high street clothes store is the ideal location for a quality quickie.

Think about it, you get your own little room and at least one of you is already getting naked anyway. Take it a little further and you’ll ensure that spending your Saturdays sifting through the sales items will soon become an activity you can both enjoy.

Movie Goers

Sure this one’s an oldy but it’s also a goody, as movie theaters the world over have been providing the perfect opportunity for impromptu sex for years.

We recommend choosing the crappiest movie possible – anything where Keanu Reeves makes an appearance should do the trick – so the auditorium will be pretty empty, giving you the time to read between each other’s lines.

Ride the Bus

Speaking of Keanu Reeves, we reckon that movie, Speed, would have been a lot better if everyone on the bus had just got busy instead of worrying the whole time.

Generally speaking though, taking the bus, especially long distance, is pretty boring and there are five back seats in a line for a reason. We’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Sweet Elevator Music

Guaranteed to lift your spirits, a quickie in the elevator is pretty risky and as a result pretty risqué. We reckon it’s up there with having sex on a plane as one of the series of places that form the holy grail of testing sex locations.(Heck, it was even featured heavily in 50 Shades of Grey.) Not that we’re challenging you or anything…

Pre-planning is key with this one, as you’ll need a big enough building, plenty of luck with not being disturbed and probably a good amount of frisky foreplay to get you up and down in time.

Dorm Buddies

Always good for a story the next day, mastering the art of hostel sex is a tricky and at times hilariously awkward business. The same goes for sex in your college dorm.

Both require a certain level of skill and finesse that tends to be lacking among the two often drunk people going at it, but if your first attempt at dancing in the dark ends up being a total disaster, we encourage you to keep honing those skills as dorms are a regular on the quickie sex playlist.


Normally associated with getting things clean, your local Laundromat is actually a great place to get dirty – and quickly.

This is probably best achieved late at night so your chances of being interrupted are reduced. Done properly, this quickie sex location makes the most of the natural vibrations of the machines to put you both in your own personal spin cycle.

Although some of these require a little bit of planning, spontaneity is integral to all the best quickies so don’t plan them too much or you may end up losing some of the spice that makes it so hot.

So enjoy being impulsive and embrace your naughty side. Just make sure you don’t get caught!

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