Believe it or not, sex toys are as old as the Stone Age. Literally. A recently unearthed siltstone phallus tucked away in a cave in Germany dates back over 30,000 years. And while the mechanics of sex haven’t changed much over the past few millenia, sex toys have come quite a ways from siltstone to silicone; bee-powered (we’ll explain shortly) to battery-powered.

So in honor of the passion pioneers of yesteryear, we feel the timing’s right to pay homage to the top five breakthrough moments in sex toy history.

Class is in session.

1. 45 BC—Cleopatra creates a buzz

Rumored to be the first woman to use a vibrator, Cleopatra orders a servant to hollow out a gourde and fill it with bees. Confined to such a small space, the bees’ frantic movements vibrate the gourd, satisfying Egypt’s queen bee.

2. 1880—Things get steamy

With cases of “female hysteria” on the rise in America, the demand for medical pelvic massages skyrockets. Fatigued by servicing female patients by hand all day, doctors are relieved by George Taylor’s Manipulator—a clunky steam-powered massage apparatus.

3. 1902—It’s electric

Becoming just the fifth (yes, fifth) domestic appliance to be electrified, Hamilton Beach’s electric vibrator hits store shelves, graces the coveted pages of the Sears Roebuck catalogue and electrifies American consumers.

4. 1968—Tavel cuts the cord

Encino, California’s Jon H. Tavel marches out of the U.S. Patent Office with a patent for the first “Cordless Vibrator for Use on the Human Body.” Requiring two batteries and featuring a rotation cap for adjusting speeds, Tavel’s battery-powered genius is yet to be replaced.

5. 1998—Multiplying like rabbits

After being featured in the Sex and the City episode “The Turtle and the Hare,” the rabbit vibrator, featuring a clitoral stimulator in the shape of a rabbit’s ears, ushers in a new age of product innovation, consumer demand, and sexual openness, awareness and health.

6. 2011-PicoBong is born

On November 22, 2011, with young people and top quality products in mind, the LELO group launched PicoBong and since that day we have been working to bring you the best products and experiences you can imagine.

7. 2014 Something big is coming…

We will surprise you with something really BIG, really SOON!

Now that you‘re caught up on pleasure’s past and present, it’s time to look to the future of sex, and you couldn’t be in a better place for that. So while you’re here, take a look around the place and stay tuned to for upcoming insider promos, tantalizing sex tips, intimate lifestyle news and more.

Class dismissed!

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