Brothers and sisters, comrades and friends.

We live in a time of accelerating change. Borders are torn down as fast as they go up, our language changes by the hour, and just when we think we’ve caught up, everything’s moved on and left us behind.

Nowhere is this truer than in issues of gender and sexuality: the most important and most defining issues of our age. Our minds are only just catching up to the changes our bodies have undergone during 3 million years of development. It’s only in the last 100 years that we’ve begun to try to make sense of the instinctive urges and desires.

To bring some order to it all, we’ve created countless labels and categories for ourselves. Gay. Straight. Bi. Queer. Intersex. Transgender. Cisgender. And thousands more, all of them meant to define us; instead they only confine us.

The one thing that’s supposed to unify us – sex – is driving us apart.

Enter the PicoBong TRANSFORMER. A sex toy that isn’t just a sex toy. It’s a sexual revolution, the vibrating underground. It’s The Resistance.

The TRANSFORMER is fighting back against centuries-old heteronormative standards of sex and sexuality, which dictate what we should and shouldn’t do with our bodies and with whom we should or shouldn’t do it. The Transformer makes no judgments about how you use it, who you use it with or where you put it.

The TRANSFORMER is so free that its very existence is an act of rebellion, a call to arms. To own one is to signal that you understand your sexuality, that you won’t accept the rigid sexual conventions of the mainstream.

 It doesn’t care whether you ascribe to a label or reject labels entirely. All that matters to the Transformer is that you enjoy the journey.

After all, all’s well that double-ends well.


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