So you often catch yourself daydreaming about sex.

Join the club.

Recently, however, you’ve been actually dreaming about sex—and these dreams have been a little, well, strange—even worrisome.

Again, join the club.

We don’t choose the topics of our dreams, so for starters, resist the urge to get all judgmental and over analytical. Instead, let PicoBong rock your wily over-interpretations to sleep with our rundown of the most common sex dream themes and what they mean.

Cheating Sex

So you’re in a relationship and that dream about sleeping with his best friend is leaving you feeling guilty. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Having a cheating dream could be a simple sign that the uncanny object of your desire has personal qualities that you admire and wish you had yourself.

Sex with Your Boss

Besides that one wild Christmas party back in ’09, you’ve never had a single sexual thought about your rather unattractive boss, so why are they the star of your naughty nightmare? The answer is simple: you envy their position and the power and prestige that comes with it.

Sex with Your Best Friend

You and your best friend share everything; however, even you are too embarrassed to recount your slumberous soul mate showdown. Regardless of the gender of your best friend, your dream can simply a visual expression of your shared intimacy, and as we know, real-life intimacy is not synonymous with sex.

Sex with a Celebrity

As we’ve mentioned going over our pickup artist secrets, being associated with celebrities increases your social proof and, subsequently, your desirability and power. While boss sex dreams relate to desired wealth and emotional security, celebrity sex dreams are more narcissistic in nature, highlighting your desire for attention or fame.

Sex with a Stranger

Upon waking, you can’t recall the face of the person you just envisioned sleeping with. Actually, they might have had no face at all! Anonymous sex dreams are your minds way of expressing your desire to flirt with the unknown, get out of your comfort zone and live life on the edge.

Surprised by how little your sex dreams have to do with, well, sex? We thought you might be.

Remember: as dreamers, we are mental movie producers with no say in pre-production casting. And in reviewing any dream, it’s best to do so with a grain of salt, leaving notions of physical attraction and lust on the cutting room floor.

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