It’s not often your favorite song, drink and summer hobby can be described with the same four words—sex on the beach. However, while simultaneously indulging in all three is sure to shake you to your core with good vibes, the latter on the list could be as risky as it is frisky. Knowing this from experience, PicoBong’s here to divulge its top tips for getting it on down by the sea.

Ditch the Sunscreen

While that bottle of suntan lotion or sunscreen lying close at hand might seem like a convenient lubricant, think again. The chemicals in these products can cause urethral or vaginal irritation. If you’re tempted to reach for the bottle, just remind yourself how annoying and uncomfortable it feels to get lotion in your eyes.

Play in the Dark

Beach sex at night is not only more private, but more comfortable and romantic. Darkness provides you and your lover an opportunity to gaze at the night sky while shielding one another from the cool sea breeze. In addition, you’re free to let your guard down, as the sizzling summer sun won’t be able to expose your moonlight mischief.

Stay on Shore

While rolling around on the edge of the ocean, letting waves of both pleasure and water wash over your body might seem romantic, it’s best to keep both salt water and sand away from your reproductives to avoid irritation. By all means take the plunge for some intimate kissing and touching, but hop out when it comes time to get down.

Blankets over Towels

If your beach sex session is spontaneous and all you have is a towel to lie down, obviously do just that. However, if you’re pre-planning a sandy romp, bring two blankets along—one for under you and one for over you. Bigger, thicker and more comfortable than towels, blankets leave you more room to move around and provide much more discreet cover.

Assume the Risk

During summer, beaches are full of security and cops patrolling the surf on quads and bicycles, and they’re fully aware of the beach fantasies of vacationers. If you’re going to have beach sex, do so with caution, as having sex in a public place can be a felony in some states and countries.

When planning for and having beach sex, keep in mind the world’s age-old travel motto—know your surroundings. For added bonus points, keep in mind PicoBong’s age-old travel motto—vacation is always more fun when you travel with your sex toys.


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