You know how pro athletes train long and hard to stay at the top of their game? It’s the same way with sex, and if you’re wanting to maintain professional levels of pleasure for yourself and your partner, you’ve got to get your grind on at the gym and focus on the areas of your body that are directly related to lovemaking, such as:

Your Abs and Core

For every sex position you might find yourself in – even on bottom during missionary-style sex – you’re using the muscles in your abs and your core. The secret to longer-lasting lovemaking is within you, and it’s precisely in your midsection.

The Move: Old-fashioned abdominal crunches are the tried and true way to keep that tummy taught and tight, so we won’t knock a classic format. If yoga’s more your speed however, try holding the plank position by getting in the push-up position on your elbows instead of your hands, placing your weight there and on your toes. Your elbows should be shoulder-width apart and your ankles touching, then hold this position as long as you can with your back straight and your pelvis elevated. Hold it for 40-60 seconds.

Your Cardiovascular System

Just as important in bed as it is out of bed, doing cardio can seriously up your sexual stamina by improving the way your body uses oxygen.

The Move: Keeping your heart rate elevated for 30 minutes five times a week will greatly improve how your blood keeps pumpin’. The beauty of this is that you can do it any way you want, so if it’s swimming, spin class or just briskly walking to work every morning, you’re on your way to better cardiovascular health – and long-lasting sexscapades!

Loose, Limber Muscles

Sex can be a workout in itself, and just like you do before exercising, giving yourself a good pre-sex stretch goes a long way to improving your performance and keeping you comfortable.

The Move: We’re gonna go the yoga route again and suggest the ‘laughing baby’ pose, which will stretch out your back, shoulders and hamstrings. Just lie on your back and tuck your knees up to your chest. Then hold onto the outside edges of each foot. You can then try a whole range of movements to stretch yourself out, like straightening your legs as much as you can and rotating them, all while holding your feet. Try it before your next lovemaking session, and you’ll feel the difference immediately – trust us!

Is there a better reason to get in and stay in shape than having better sex? After all, it’s good for your health, and being in good health is good for your sex!

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